Business plan


Nowadays it is important to have great cakes on every important moment of our life – weddings birthdays and many other occasions, which are close to our heart (and sometimes stomach). Lately, people are becoming more and more strict in cakes area. It means, that they do not bake all by themselves, but use others people possibilities and hire them to bake some delicious cakes. Thanks to new technologies even I baking area, nowadays professional bakers are able to do a lot of orders in the same time. It let them earn more money and make their firm more popular. It is very important for small, local businesses, to have more and more clients, so ever way to meet customers  expectations is excellent for them. It is also important, that nowadays most product are the same – make in huge factories with the same ingredients. In local bakeries, we will get product which is one and only, and its ingredients are secret in family from years.

If we have good taste, our kitchen is full of different tastes and flavours and we cane use the knowledge that we get, the best opportunity for our business will be opening cake bakery. It is not  popular type of company, but it will bring a lot of satisfaction and if we will care about it – we will earn a lot of money on that.

What will be necessary

If we are going to start a business in bakery, we should have some permissions from local offices, which are specialising in that type of activities. It is important, because without it, it would be illegal and our customers would loose trust to our company. It will be also necessary place which will be big enough for our needing. If we have place to start business, we should think about necessary equipment. We will need some ovens which will let us bake delicious cakes. There will be also necessary to buy some mixers, because it is basic equipment in that kind of firms. We will also need a lot of product, which will be used to bake cakes – flavour, fruits, chocolate and more other products. We will also need some employees if we are planning to make our firm big and fast.

Business plan
Without great business plan, there will be very difficult to organise every step of establishing our company. First of that step is of course legal side of our businesses – we have to have all permissions, documents and many other papers which are the most important at the beginning. There is also important to have there idea for our business and idea for advertisement company.
It is also important to know what taste preferences are on our local market, because we have to know what type of cakes will be loved by people from the neighbour. It is hard to get theirs trust, but with the time, we will get it. We will have to organise some extra plans for special occasions – weddings, birthday parties and other celebrities which need cakes. We have to be strict and take care about our business – if we will not be careful enough, we will loose money and trust of our customers and employees.


Nowadays more and more people have cars, and it is obvious, that owning car falls next consequences. One of them is often broking engine, parts of car, wheels and many other difficult to call and count parts. Polish motorising marker is huge, because in our country there is a lot of people who can’t afford new car once per couple of years, so the have to repair their old cars regularly. It is sometimes weird to repair very old car, which repairing is sometimes more expensive than buying new car, but some people have special connection with their cars, and they just can’t let them go or stay broken. So in Poland there is a lot of possibilities to earn some money by establishing new car repair workshop. We can be interested in investing in repairing new cars if we know something (or a lot – it is even better) about repairing cars and about engine work, but sometimes we just have to have lucky in business, and we can hire some people who know everything about cars and can repair them without loosing too much money and work.

What will be necessary?

It is obvious that first thing that we will need in our business is idea. If we have idea about establishing car workshop, we can start save some money, because we will need it in the future. It is also obvious, that nowadays the half of the success is good localization. It is important for many people to have that kind of places like car workshops near to main roads, because sometimes when they have car accident, that cant change place of their car, so it is easier and more comfortable for customers near to road. We should also think about necessary equipment, because without it, there will be no business. Even if we have qualified people, without basic tools, our car workshop is unusable. For many people, the most important in their business is knowledge and experience, but In that kind of investments, tools are necessary.  What is also necessary? We have to take care about basic documents and permissions, because without it, we will not be able to open our business and it is illegal. We will have to go to special office, because in other place there will be not allowed to make some papers and decisions. We should also think about health care our employee, because in car workshop there is sometimes little or huge accidents, because they have to repair broken or old things, which sometimes can hurt them or explode.

Pros and cons

If we are planning to open car workshop, we have think about good and bad sides of that business, because it is obvious, that some businesses are surviving on market, but some of them just have to disappear. The most important pros are of course money. It is obvious that – if we have good team and tools, we will earn a lot of money, but if we have small business far from the city, it will be difficult to stay on the market. The most important cons – it will be probably risk, because in that kind of companies, there is huge compete, so we have to be ready to huge pressure.

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