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Some spheres of our life, are not so popular and well-known in Poland, so investing in them, from business point is very risky. So it is obvious, that we can’t see a lot of investors in that little part of business That kind of investments are specific rather for people who are interested in that activity, more than people who just want to earn some money. People who adore, for example bowling, and they want to establish a bowling business, mostly are rich and they can afford investing in risky spheres.  That phenomenon is most visible in some places in Poland, where are professional bowling track, where are only people who really love and are interested in bowling. That is very small group of people, because it is not popular and rather expansive way to spent free time. We have to say, that in big cities and in capital, there is bigger group of people who use bowling tracks and go to bowling clubs, but in small towns and at the villages, that group is visible smaller. So only if we have enough amount of money and we are not afraid of local market and is connected with that kind of investments, it is obvious, that idea of bowling business will be great for us.
What we will need?

Firstly, we will need place for our bowling club and bowling track. It should be a flat localised in attractive area, where a lot of clients would be able to come. We have to have enough space in that place for coaches, mini bar, something to eat, and, of course, bowling track. Bowling track should be big enough for the most comfortable play.  If we want, we can have that amount of track what we want.  If our bowling club should be only for our personal and our friend’s expectations, there will be enough to have only four tracks, but if we are planning to earn on bowling, we should think about much bigger amount of tracks. If our bowling club is building in business purposes, there will be necessary to have at least eight bowling tracks. To buy or built from the beginning one new track, we have to spent at from twenty up to thirty thousands of zloty.
Big investment is also buying professional balls, specially prepared to bowling games. One of that balls costs a lot, it may be even couple thousands of zloty, and every bowling tracks should be equipped in few of them, so it is also very expensive area of bowling business. It is also to have a lot of bowling balls next to every bowling track, because players will feel more comfortable and game will be pleaser and easier. There is a lot of types of bowling balls. Most of balls are from seven up to fifteen kilograms. It is also important to have different types of balls, because we want to have in our club different people – teenagers, woman, man, and each of them like to play other weight ball. Next important sphere in our bowling club is bar. There should be variety of products – it will meet expectations of our customers and guests. We should also buy some video cameras to our club, because in case of accident, broken or other unexpected situation, we will have proof, so every case will be clear.

To sum up, we have to have a lot of passion and money to open bowling club, because it is difficult and costs a lot, but it brings huge satisfaction and money.

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