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As all we know, nowadays more and more firm, become to advertise their companies and promotions by billboards, which are standing next to main roads, supermarkets, and many other places, which are famous and there is always a lot of people from one or more society. But we do not take care about the way, what that kind of billboards are printed, when we look on them. Thanks to huge printers, people from big companies are able to advertise their firm on the billboards. They of course have to pay some amount of money, but it is only a drop in a ocean of their possibilities. Nowadays every bigger firm, try to take care about public relations and marketing issues in their firm, because it builds the brand of the company and let them get more clients and partners. So it is obvious, that some part of their companies capital is dedicated to advertise. Nowadays advertise has huge power, because it helps come to more people and encourage them to use our services or buy our product. And if we would like to earn some (or a lot of) money, we can invest in new on the job market kind of firm – printing firm. It may be very easy and profitable business especially in places, where printing company was not established yet. It will bring us a lot of money, because we will be first on that kind of market, and we will “take” all of the most important customers.

Printer is a clue

As all we know, in many companies, there is not so important knowledge an experience, as important is equipment and quality of our stuff. If we would like to open printing business, we have to consider buying huge (and of course expensive) printer, which would let us open our business and meet ours clients expectations. If is important to know how to work on that kind of printer, but experience and time let us be perfect in printing big size format. We have to be ready for the price of the printer – it may cost a lot, maybe couple of thousands zloty or even Euro, pounds or dollars (because we can buy it abroad and it may be even cheaper). We also can buy second-hand equipment. It will be cheaper, than new one, but we do not have guaranty and we can not be sure, that it will work well. Printer is a big investment, but we have to be ready for it if we are planning to establish printing business.

Localization and employees

Nowadays, it may be difficult to find good localization and fair and qualified employee. So if we are planning to open printing business, we should firstly think about localization and workers. If we will find nice place (near to centre of the city, big enough for our business) and we just find people who are qualified and want to work with us, and we know that we can trust them, the only problem will be money for the equipment. But If we are planning to open new company, we can expect some help from local banks – they give credits for new businessman on the market, so we will have money to run.

Tu sum up, we have to know, that this kind of business may be risky in small towns, but if we are planning to open printing business in big city, we can expect huge profits.

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