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Nowadays more and more people starts to take care about how they flat look like. Very important thing in every flat are furnitures, because it let us show style of our house and show what kind of people and taste we have. It is becoming more and more important to make our hoses good looking, so people should more take care about things which are in their environment. So, if we are taking those informations seriously, we could think that furnitures salon would be great idea for successful business. Many years ago in Poland, there was not choice at the furniture market, so people have to have in houses that kind of furnitures, what they be able to have at all. So now, they finally can enjoy huge variety of products, furnitures also are in that group. We can also enjoy products from the western Europe, so people with bigger capital and bigger wallets, can just buy what they want, even if it is from for example Spain. If we are not afraid of challenges, we should think about establishing new business with furnitures. Why it is so profitable? Maybe because people always need furnitures, they do not can live in empty houses and furnitures are breaking with the time, so the have to buy new ones.


If we are planning to open furniture business, and we would like to work there, we have to think about buying or renting local near to our live place, but in the good localization for customers. We should rent or buy huge flat, because as all we know, furnitures need a lot of space, and if we want to have variety of products (it will be convenient for bigger group of people), we have to have a lot of room. That investment may be very expensive, but good localization let us get more customers. We should also think about huge billboards and signs leading to our local – it will help our potential clients find our shop.
Own production

Own production in our furnitures business will be for sure risky, but if we invest wisely, we could earn a lot of money. Why? Because own production and selling it by myself does not cost a lot but it may bring a lot of money than only selling furnitures. For many people it will be impossible to make huge firm, producing and selling furnitures, because it demand a lot of money, it maybe even a couple of million zloty. As all we know, the best place to open huge furnitures salon are big cities, because there we will find more clients – both private person, families, and firms and companies, which need stuff to their offices. But if we are creative and courageous, we can establish furniture production in little town, but focus on export our products.
What we can offer to our clients?

It is obvious, that furniture shops and workshops have to have huge variety of products, because people do not need only wardrobes and tables, but every piece of the furniture complete – chairs, coaches, shelves and many many other parts of every family and office house. So we have to offer them possibly big enough amount of products, as we can of course.

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