Business plan


Nowadays more and more people are too old to work. Taking care of them is good idea to business. In our work market is not a lot of senior’s house, which are comfortable for them, so we can easy search place to work in this area. But problems for big investments is a lot of money, which reach for a few millions zloty. This business plan is for people witch a lot of money and who’s don’t scare big investments and risk connected with loosing  money.

Quality is a clue
The proposition for elderly people is offer for them to make comfortable and easy end of life. Firstly senior’s house must have good equipment, where they will be a lot of conveniences offers by firm. Secondly is important that they will have health care, because they are in the autumn of the life and they can need this. Next important point is plan for everyday life, because people must know what they will do tomorrow, and the plan must be accept by them. The most important is full offer, and  can meet expectations, because this people can have hard life and they wont have calm end of life. So firm must have employees for conducting research on they patient. In the end, when this people will be satisfied, the firm will have more and more clients.

Hiring employees
People, which working in the senior’s house are not just responsible for clean on this compound  or keeping calm. It is important to will be professionals and educated personnel who’s  deal with patients. There are must be nurse who’s will care of them all time. Personnel must do what everything for them, they must help them during all time for comfortable feeling clients. Hiring employees must wont work in this firm, and they should get good pay. It is two-three thousands  on the mounts when they worked full time. Depends of big firm are needs amount hiring employees.

The most attractive environment is calm, a lot of kilometres from town, with fresh air place. Proof of them can be small cost for place or renting local, when we wont work. It is not matter  or we decided buying place or we renting, we must know that open senior’s house is very expensive. It is important to patient feeling calm, privacy but they can not feeling seclusion. You can also rent a building in the center of major cities such as: nyc, chicago, los angeles, san francisco, san diego, seattle or mineapolis.

Equipment in senior’s house
In every room due care about equipment, which increase comfortable seniors. For example in each room must be bookcases, cabinets, beds, chairs, tables, wardrobes or  bathrooms and toilet.  Including all equipment room, finish it is expense from a few ( if it is a single room) to a dozen or so thousand  zloty ( when in room is more people).

So, to summing up, this business is for people who’s have a lot of money and they don’t scared unusually investments and new challenge. If we would like to earn some money investing in that, we have to make sure, that our place will be comfortable, and our guests will be feeling good and calm. That is the clue of the success. Staying on that kind of business is hard, but some people say, that for someone who want, there is nothing difficult.

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