Business plan


Nowadays, more and more people would like to have nice, huge, leather coach in their house, but when they have to decide about buying it – they quit, because think, that leather products are difficult to clean, so it is not useful to have leather furnitures at home. But, if we consider it, there is variety of firms which are specialising in cleaning that kid of material, so having something leather at home is not so bad as it was earlier. If we would like to earn some money, good idea for business is establishing company, which would specialise in cleaning leather things. If we would be first that kind of firm on the local market, we can be sure, that we will earn some money. It will be also great pleasure to have own business, which nobody discovered yet, but we.

What we will need?

Firstly, we will need knowledge about types of leather, because there is a lot of them, and every type is cleaning in other way. Some facts are so obvious, that some people just forget about them, like for example the fact, that is a huge mistake to clean leather with the alcohol, because after that leather is dry, tough and loose its softness. So we should remember about basic tips, and learn more tricks how to wisely and for little amount of money, clean something what is delicate and worth a lot. Secondly, we will need employees, because working all by myself is not so nice, as it seems to be at the beginning. A couple of qualified workers would be huge relief for us, and also thanks to that, we can take more orders. But we also have to pay their salaries to them, so at the beginning, we should not hire a lot of people, because our firm will be in financial troubles. Third necessary thing, what we will need in our new business is place to work, because it is obviously, that we can clean leather things in owners houses, because our detergents would stink for a long time at their houses. So wee need, big enough to our needing place, what will be centre of our company.  It may cost a lot, renting huge flat for that business, but we have to be ready for that, because we would not avoid it.

How to get clients?

If we have already open our cleaning business, we should start think about advertisement, because without it, we would not have a lot of clients. We have to consider hiring special firm, which are specialising in public relations and marketing issues, because they would professional take care about our company, and profits will be bigger, because more people will be informed about our services, discounts and promotions. For many companies it is not so important to have good marketing side of the firm, but nowadays, we should take care about our firm on every level. Placing billboards in visible places, giving leaflets at the corners of the street, TV spots and press advertisement, will help our firm be well-known and famous, and we will get profits from that.

To sum up, I would like to encourage people who would like to invest in that kind of activity, because it is new on our market, and we can be sure, that it will bring a lot of profits and satisfaction.

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