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Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to stay on job market, so many people decide to delay planing a children, or decide to hire special daily protector for their kids, to take care about them, when parents are at work. It is always difficult to leave our kids, but nowadays, all we know how it is hard to get well-paid job, and if someone get it, never will be trying to loose it. So a lot of parents just have to leave their children with someone else. Sometimes it is just grandparents, which are usually retired, so they have enough time to pamper and take care about their grandchildren. But in the situation is without grandparents at home and near to home, parents just have to use someone’s else help. Mainly they hire woman as a babysitter. Why it is so common, we do not know, but maybe people believe, that every women just have natural motherhood instinct. Sometimes in the television, Internet and other media, we hear about tragic news, that some mental man hurt child because of his anger or problems with head. So a lot of people just prefer to trust women as a childminders, because it is more common than man as a babysitter.  If some woman is just without a job, and she would like to to something, very reasonable is to think about becoming babysitter. As we know, that job market is dominated by women, so it should not be difficult to find a job in that area.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course we have to be ready for bad sides of that job. First of them may be difficult terms of work – too little space, unbearable children, too strict parent. That all things may babysitter work even harder as it is always.  Of course it is also well-known, that salary of babysitter is not really as good, as it should be. Professional babysitter, who work for rich people, who want to make their employee satisfied and well-paid, may earn a lot of money, but that is rather rare. The rest of babysitters just have to work for many families to earn some amounts of money. Other disadvantage is of course the fact, that we have to work with children – for people who do not like them, it would be probably impossible to do. For some people it may be easy and pleasant to work with kids, but all we know that some people just hate children.

Duties of babysitters

We have to remember, that having on eye kids is very difficult job, because we are not able to predict what kid will do. Basic duties of babysitters is just taking care about them: protecting, feeding, playing with them and other. There is a lot of duties connected with teaching kids – teaching reading, counting, recognising colours and helping them with their homework. For some kids their parents organise special extra activities, like swimming pool, dancing, football, extra languages lessons, meetings with friends. Nanny also have to hold them to that places. So it is important for babysitter to have driving licence, because it will help her find a job (parents look for nannies with many abilities).

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