Business plan


Nowadays, when every from us have a lot of new stuff like smart phones, laptops, tablets, we just all need more and more mobile applications, because it is useful tool to work and play on our stuff. From the beginning – everyday activities, like checking weather, doing shopping list, jogging, eating and cooking and many many other activities may be easier with some applications, which are for free or for little amount of money. For a lot of people, it is impossible nowadays to live without all that gadgets, because life become much easier than it was earlier. In connection with still growing popularity and fame of mobile applications, more and more people start to project them and earn a lot of money on them. It is becoming more and more popular, especially amongst computer scientists, to make at least one mobile application and start take profits from selling that. So it is profitable idea to establish a company, which would specialize in making mobile applications.

Uses mobile applications

As some people know, to have mobile applications, we have to have new phone, because old ones just do not have to special programmes, which are necessary to open mobile applications. If we have new phone, we just have to make a connection with the Internet, and find on the web sides and application stores, application what interest us. It may be difficult for people which never do it earlier, but with the time, it becoming to be something natural. We can use mobile application for a lot of reasons – to check a weather, play games, talk and massage with friends, change colours of photos,  learn languages and many many other options, which make our life easier and pleaser. But if we are planning to establish a business focusing on mobile applications, we should consider hiring professional (if we are not) computer scientist, because thanks to his knowledge, projecting mobile applications will be possible to do.

Business for everyone

As all we know, not every business is easy and cheap, so not everyone can work in that special way. In mobile applications, we do not need any special equipment (so we do not have to spent a lot of money), we just need basic computer, connection with the Internet is also very important, we could also have some computer programs. For qualified computer scientist, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to run a business, because his knowledge worth a lot. If we are planning to open mobile applications business, we should thing about type of applications, which will represent our company. We must decide, what kind of applications we will do – games, e-books readers, programs to watching films,  listening to the music, or maybe to checking a weather or news and country news. There is variety of possibilities, so we can choose that kind of applications, what we really want to do.

To sum up, we have to be ready, that our product should be reaaly good, because on applications market there is variety of choice, and if we want to earn a lot of money on if – it must be interesting and well-organised.

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